About Us

Have you ever been working in your garage or around the house and thought to yourself “there must be something that can make this easier”. You hop on the internet and decide to see if there is something out there you can buy that would make your task easier. To your surprise you can’t find anything. Out comes the pencil and paper and you start to sketch. Over the next few days and weeks you are thinking about your new invention and how you can make it perfect. Unfortunately for the majority of the people out there that have thought of great new concepts the idea either dies on the drawing board or is pushed to the side as they are caught up with their daily lives. Taking ideas from an idea and bringing them to life is what our company is all about.

Over the past 6 years our head of product design and manufacturing has invented several creative and innovative ideas that not only improve on current products but they put themselves into a whole new category. It took a lot of dedication to get to this point. Selling his house and all his belongings to move to China and setup a factory. Months of trial and error in order to make sure the product was perfect. Building relationships and contacts to make sure he had the best workers and diligent managers. All of this to fulfill a dream of bringing to life his creations.

You can imagine after going through all of that it is our number one priority to make sure that every unit that comes off the line is of the highest quality.  One way we can accomplish this is by testing our products in every conceivable situation they will be in. From pressure tests on check valves to prolonged immersion in fluids. As a customer you can buy our products with the peace of mind that comes in knowing you were a top priority throughout the process.

We love what we are doing and hope you can get a smile from actually using a product that does what it is supposed to.


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